New works on paper by Dennis Hollingsworth
  September 26 – October 24, 2015
Reception for the artist: Saturday September 26th, 5-7 PM
  Front gallery rejoices in exhibiting a new series of works on paper by Dennis Hollingsworth.

In evidence are his rigorous painting practice, and ceaseless thought process.  With studios in Spain and New York he exhibits his work worldwide, and remains constant in his orientation and attitude about art and painting.

“I hope to see better and show better the beauty of the entanglement of paint.”

Hollingsworth is persistently analytical about the trajectory of painting from modern to postmodern and beyond, and this constant questioning pervades his process.

“Information in art is best sweated out through the pores of the artist”

No matter where or how he starts a painting--with or without a plan--the process takes him somewhere, and the final painting image emerges...immanently.
  Dennis Hollingsworth
"Tiny Moments" 12x10" Oil on paper, 12x10" 2014