The Silver Chair,
2012, mixed media collage, 20X30”

Russell Prince: Pastmodern
April 27 - June 1, 2013

Russell Prince is an accomplished artist with a highly refined practice. This practice is born out of an enduring personal exploration of particular aesthetic and technical affinities. Largely unseen, his collages are true to their vision, and adept in their materials.

In collaboration with guest curator Jay Wehnert of Intuitive Eye, Front gallery will mount Pastmodern, Prince’s debut solo exhibition. It opens with a reception from 4-6 PM on April 27th and runs through June 1st.

Aged elements and dusky colors dominate these collages which explore the effects of time and change on our environments, both mental and physical.

As underlying themes Prince claims:  erection/erosion, arrangement/rearrangement, order/chaos, and birth/death.

The collage works of the Cubists and Dadaists have served as his inspiration along with such influences as tattered billboards, archaic textbooks, global warming, and memories of his great-grandmother’s deteriorating Victorian home.