January 2018
Michelle Chen Dubose: 67000 Miles Around the Sun

November 2017
Paul Carola: Eye Spy

October 2017
Fall Concert: 12 Soloists in Harmony

September 2017
Lauren Moya Ford: Like a Flower and a Current of Air

April 2017
Lori Fish: Mingle Mangle Material Matters

March 2017
Martin Ivy: Nuclear

February 2017
Lilly Lerner: Voices and Purses

April 2016
Mountain Man and Uncle Fritz
Collaborative works by Jennifer Coates and David Humphrey

February 2016
Alex Kvares: Sunglasses on a Skeleton

January 2016
Erin Hunt: Resonances

December 2015
Patrick Phipps: Pareidolia

November 2015
Monica Vidal: In Between the Mud and Sand

September 2015
Immanence: Dennis Hollingsworth

May 2015
JooYoung Choi: A Strange Paradise

April, 2015
Eriko Smith:Oyster, Mushroom, Diamond, Crocodile

February 2015
Susan Whyne: Susan Whyne: Perpetuity Once Again

December 2014
Andrea Corson: Past,Presents,Future
Michael Strahan: Disappearance

November 2014
Bob Ivy

October 2014
Jorge Pardo

April 2014
Mark Allen: Drawings and Notes 2013-2014

March 2014
Jackie Tileson: Field Guides

January 2014
Marcos Villegas: The Soaring Cost of a Single Breath

December 2013

October 2013
Betwixt and Between

June 2013
Kathryn Spence

April 2013
Russell Prince: Pastmodern

March 2013
Toby Kamps:99 Cent Dreams

November 2012
Virginia Fleck and Steve Wiman

September 2012
Hilary Harnischfeger and Tommy White

July 2012
Drawings and Air Conditioning

May 2012
Christopher Cascio

February 2012
Justin Brown Durand

January 2012
Nau Yamomoto

December 2011
JoAnn Williams

October, 2011
Kim Dingle


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