Justin Brown Durand
"Love Man"

Februrary 11 - March 17, 2012

Justin Brown Durand is a Massachusetts artist who draws and paints with a kind of raw honesty that can be unnerving.  The immediacy of his work leaves no room for pretense, and his drawings function like visual confessions. He believes there is more value and truth in ideas that come quickly and he tries to express things without questioning or judging them.  

Love, in its many forms, is a common subject in Durand’s work where his many strange imaginings are revealed by a peculiar cast of characters. In celebration of Valentine’s Day, Front Gallery presents his newest series of works on paper in the exhibition “Love Man.”  

When asked how he approached the theme of Valentine’s Day, Durand said, “I forced myself into a love trance and opened my heart to a world of romance and lust and passion.”

"Love Man" opens with a reception on February 11th from 1-4 PM



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Mixed Media on paper
Approximately 19" X 12.5”