Joo Young Choi: A Strange Paradise
May 16 - June 6, 2015
Faith Crest: Nests Before Coils
Paper and acrylic on canvas
9” X 12” 2013

JooYoung Choi tells the story of a highly structured imaginary world called “The Cosmic Womb.” It is a world of her own creation, which “spans 6,732 miles, and is populated with many brave heroines, marvelous creatures, and supernatural beings.” Through a multitude of visual media, Choi creates a psychic landscape that merges autobiography and fantasy. A Strange Paradise will present glimpses of this paracosm* through a collection of educational and informative works.   

Choi is currently a resident of the Lawndale Artist Studio program and was recently featured in the article “Welcome to Wonderland” by Catherine Anspon in Paper City. Her work has been included in exhibitions throughout the US and Korea.

She was born in South Korea, and was adopted to an American family from Concord, New Hampshire where she grew up. While completing her BFA she was reunited with her birth-family. Choi received both her BFA and MFA in Boston, Massachusetts. She now lives and works in Houston.

* A term coined by Ben Vincent in 1976 to describe a highly detailed realm of make-believe.

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